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Pocket Rings - Thought Record - Planner Insert

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A Thought Record is a cognitive-behavioral therapy technique used to tackle unhelpful thinking patterns, reshape thoughts, and transform emotions. Many of us unhelpful or negative ways we think of ourselves, the world, and our futures. This insert can be used as a tool to help you pause, weigh the evidence for and against the unhelpful thoughts, and refocus. Keep this in your planner, and be intentional about what thoughts you allow to stay in your mind. <3 If you have any questions about how to use this insert, please feel free to ask! Zoom in to get a better look! Note- In no way is this insert intended to take the place of formal therapy with a face-to-face therapist or counselor. If you are seeking mental/emotional therapeutic services, please do not let this insert discourage you by using it as a substitute. ————————————————————————

How to Print: -Download Preview (Mac) or Adobe Reader -Scale to 100% -Cut along the crop marks or cut down to size ————————————————————————