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Where is My Order? When will My Order Ship?

Hey there!

I wanted to dedicate a page to answer the questions "Where is my order?" or "When will my order ship?" in depth.

Before I tell you where your order is, I want to address that I'm so grateful for your patience and continued support! You are a gem! Yes, you! Because I'm working alone and also with a full time job, I want to get your orders out quickly. I'm finding that checking on specific orders and replying to those inquiries cuts into the time I have to fulfill them. So to be proactive and to help you know immediately where your order is, I wanted to create this information page! I hope it is helpful and covers your answer! 

Now to answer the questions.. Your order could be in many different places, but the fastest way to know is to check the tracking status. I have provided frequent scenarios, that might help you out! 

If it has been marked shipped, but it has not left the pre-shipment phase: I DO NOT send out shipping notifications unless they have already been processed. They will be dropped off in the next few hours following that notification. USPS might take more time to scan it, so please wait at least 48 hours and check again! By that time, it should definitely be updated.

If it has been moving, but still has not been delivered: It is with USPS at the last location they've updated. If you're concerned about how long it's taking after it's been shipped, please check with USPS at 1-800-275-8777.

If it has been marked delivered, but still has not been delivered: It could be lots of places. First check with your family members to make sure they haven't taken it in without your knowledge. Then check with your local post office to find out what happened.

If it has NOT been marked shipped: Your package is still processing. Processing means that it's waiting to be fulfilled and shipped to you. I have a current processing time of up to 6 business days. A business day is 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday, not including weekends or holidays. If you are not okay with that processing time, please do not order. Sometimes items may be shipped faster, but your order can take up to the full time. ****During sales, the processing time my increase by a few days****

Example (Using a 10 business day processing time): If you order on 9pm Tuesday July 2nd, 10 days would be July 12th, however, 10 business days would have your order shipped on Thursday July 18th. Since you ordered after 5pm (Your order would be processed as the next day; Since July 4th is a holiday, that day would not be included, nor will Saturdays and Sundays.

During a sale, please know that these times are subject to change. 

I hope that was helpful, if you have a different question, please feel free to contact me and ask along with your order number! mjandhope@gmail.com.