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about us

Hi! MJ here! My name is Marquitta! I'd like to share the story of MJ&Hope with you!!

MJ and Hope was born in 2015 as a stationery store!! It started with a Cricut machine and some cute designs. 

The name was first under MJPLANNER, my main planner account. Raise your hand if you remember some of these products from back in 2015!! I made cards, clips, and little journaling cards! Not too long after, my dear friend, Esperanza aka Hope became a key mastermind in contributing to the shop! We wanted the shop to not just be another place to buy stuff, but rather, we wanted these products to remind you that you matter. That's when we decided to name it MJ and Hope! So the word 'Hope' serves a dual purpose. One in honor of my friend and her amazingness, and Two, in order to keep remind you to stay hopeful about life! You matter!

As time went on, we began making stickers! One way we wanted to remind you that you're important is by putting little personal touches on each sticker package! Over time, the shop grew and could no longer personalize it in a decent about of time! lol! Let's fast forward! 

Between then and now, I've gone to school and become a mental health/family therapist. I've learned more about human nature and what we need to thrive. The word 'Hope' is even more important to me in relation to this shop, because of how much we need it in this world. There are soooooo many people and things telling us that we're nothing, that we don't matter, that we're just a number, or that we're all around worthless. That's not true. It's not true at all.

So I've rebranded a little. I wanted a more minimalistic shop as to not distract from the message. I've become more passionate about helping people see their value, and living from that knowledge. So as you look over our site, and review our products, please read the little messages, and reflect on them!

Now it's 2021 and lots of things have changed, however, we're still a tiny team. My husband, Dom and I are running the shop when we're not working or studying (I'm in school for my Ph.D)! So if you need assistance or have questions, feel free to contact us at hello@mjandhope.com.